Smoking Legislation

Tasmania is leading the way with its smoke free legislation.

If you enjoy a smoke, the legislation does not cause you any problems as Wrest Point has provided some very comfortable outdoor smoking areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where am I allowed to smoke at Wrest Point?
Wrest Point is happy to provide a number of outdoor smoking areas.

Where am I not allowed to smoke at Wrest Point?
Smoking is not allowed in public areas such as foyers, walkways, restaurants, hotel rooms, conference rooms, bars and gaming areas.

Are smoking customers still welcome at Wrest Point?
Yes! We would like everyone to visit us and have a great time, whether they smoke or not. Smokers are still very welcome but are required to smoke in our designated smoking areas.

Can I smoke in my hotel room?
No, there is no smoking in any hotel room at Wrest Point. However smoking areas are just a few minutes away.

What about VIPs and FRC members – do the same rules apply to them?
Yes. There are no exemptions to the regulations.

What if I am playing a gaming machine and want to take a break?
We have made taking a break easier and have introduced a system to assist you. Simply place the reservation sign (attached to the right of your gaming machine) over your machine’s screen – you can then take a ten minute break.

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