Federal Pontoon

An exciting variation on Blackjack with more ways to win.

Federal Pontoon is an exciting and unique variation of Blackjack, offering you fantastic new ways to win as well as additional bonus payouts.

Federal Pontoon is like Blackjack, however Federal Pontoon decks have had the four tens removed and contain 48 cards.

Initially, the dealer deals two cards to each player and one card to him/herself. You can then draw extra cards to help improve your total.

If your total is greater than the dealer's hand - without exceeding 21 - you're a winner! 'Pontoon' is the highest hand, and occurs when the first two cards dealt to you are an Ace and a picture card.

Federal Pontoon tables have marked Betting areas. You place your bet and decide whether to draw additional cards, split, double, stand, surrender or forfeit.

After calling 'No more bets', the dealer will begin the deal by drawing cards from the dealing shoe. Each box containing a wager will receive one card face up, then the dealer will deal a card to him/herself. A second card is then dealt to each box. You now have the option of drawing another card, splitting or standing.

If you want another card, signal the dealer by tapping on the table with your finger. If you wish the cards to stand, wave your hand horizontally over the table.

When all players have completed their hand, the dealer will draw his/her second and subsequent cards and settle all wagers depending on the result.

Federal Pontoon has minimum bets starting at as little as $5 on Friday night (8.30pm – 9.30pm) and $10 at other times.

Federal Pontoon at Wrest Point
Federal Pontoon at Wrest Point