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The eccentric yet sophisticated Birdcage Bar is a cocktail lover’s delight. Take in the hand-painted Billich frescos and the sounds of someone tinkering on the ivory keys of the grand piano. The intimate setting within the brass bars of The Birdcage has housed many stories since opening in 1973, and there’s room for plenty more. The Birdcage Bar is an 18+ venue.


  • Birdcage beverage menu


    150ml | Bottle
    Dominion NV (WA) 9.3 | 31.5
    Devil's Corner Cuvee NV (TAS) 12.0 | 45.0
    Arras Brut Elite NV (TAS) 12.0 | 52.0
    Jansz NV (TAS) - | 56.0
    Mumm Cordon Rouge NV (France) - | 115.0


    150ml | 250ml | Bottle
    Quintail Chardonnay (SA) 9.3 | 14.5 | 31.5
    Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling (VIC) 9.5 | 15.0 | 38.0
    Angel Cove Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) 10.0 | 16.5 | 39.0
    Ninth Island Sauvignon Blanc (TAS) 10.5 | 16.0 | 41.0
    Chalk Hill Moscato (SA) 10.5 | 16.5 | 43.0
    Brown Brothers Moscato 275ML (VIC) - | - | 12.5
    Chartley Estate Pinot Gris 11.5 | 17.0 | 45.0
    Derwent Estate Riesling (TAS) 12.0 | 17.5 | 48.0
    Bream Creek Chardonnay (TAS) 11.0 | 17.5 | 51.0


    150ml | 250ml | Bottle
    Notcurne Shiraz (SA) 9.3 | 14.5 | 31.5
    The Quarter Cabernet Sauvignon (SA) 9.3 | 14.5 | 31.5
    Hartog's Plate Cabernet Merlot (WA) 9.5 | 15.0 | 35.0
    Earthwork's Shiraz (SA) 10.0 | 15.5 | 38.0
    Small Gully Little Book Shiraz (SA) 10.5 | 15.5 | 38.0
    Storm Bay Pinot Noir (TAS) 10.5 | 16.5 | 43.0
    Paxton Organic Shiraz Grenache (SA) 9.3 | 14.5 | 31.5

    Beer & Cider

    Little Creatures IPA 9.9
    Cascade Draught 7.2
    Cascade Premium Light 6.7
    Cascade Pale Ale 7.4
    Cascade Export Stout 7.7
    Boags Premium Light 6.7
    Boags XXX Ale 7.2
    Boags Draught 7.2
    Boags Premium 8.9
    Van Dieman Stack's Bluff Oatmeal Stout 9.0
    Moo Brew Pilsner 10.1
    Frank's Summer Apple Cider 9.8
    Willie Smith's Organic Cider 9.8
    Pagan Cherry Cider 9.8
    *Please note beverage menu is subject to change and availability of items.
  • Cocktail menu

    Ginger Zesty

    vodka & vanilla vodka, Cointreau, lemongrass, apple & ginger, shaken & garnished with a lime wheel 18

    The '410' Punch

    Captain Morgan rum, peach, Cointreau, lime, passionfruit, pineapple & cinnamon sugar, topped with ginger beer 18

    Marmalade Margarita

    tequila, Cointreau, lime & marmalade, garnished with orange zest & a salted glass rim 18

    Ruby Grapefruit Sour

    Bacardi white rum, Cointreau, lime, sugar, all topped with grapefruit zest & a lime twirl 18

    The Original No.1 Cup

    Pimms, orange Curacao, lime, orange, mint & lemon, straight up with lemonade or dry 18

    Hot Chocolate

    vanilla vodka, chocolate & dark chocolate Mozart, chilli infused sugar syrup & topped with chocolate shards 18

    King's Negroni

    Tanqueray gin, Campari, King’s Ginger, topped with a dash of bitters, ginger slice & garnished with orange zest 18


    Dimple Scotch, Amaretto, Vanilla Galliano & vanilla sugar syrup, shaken & topped with ginger beer 18

    Salted Caramel

    Baileys, butterscotch, salted caramel sauce & cream, shaken 18

    Strawberries & Cream

    strawberry liqueur & purée, Chambord, Monin myrtle - shaken with cream, strawberry fan & grated chocolate on top 18

    Tower of Love

    Mango liqueur, strawberry liqueur, mango purée, sugar syrup, ice - Blended & served with grenadine 18

    Coconut Rough

    Malibu, chocolate Mozart, Baileys, chocolate Monin, cream, all topped with ice magic & chocolate sprinkles 18

    Los Altos

    Espolon tequila, Chambord, strawberries, lime, chilli infused sugar syrup, all shaken & served in a sugar rimmed Margarita glass 18

    Wild Tea

    Absolut Wild Tea vodka, Gordon’s gin, Espolon tequila, Cointreau, Bacardi, tea infused sugar syrup, lime - shaken & topped with lemon lime Hartz 18

    Hendricks Meets Daisy

    Hendricks, green Chartreuse, cucumber ribbons & mint, shaken 18

    Wrest Point Old Fashioned

    Makers Mark bourbon, Glayva, sugar cube, bitters, stirred straight up & garnished with orange zest 18


    Mount Gay rum, sour mix, raspberry syrup, shaken & served over crushed ice 18
    *Please note beverage menu is subject to change and availability of items.

The Birdcage Murals

The Birdcage bar was installed a couple of years after the casino’s 1973 opening, taking its name from the chrome bars encircling the central round bar. The frescos in the Birdcage Bar were painted by Charles Billich, whose collections are displayed worldwide, including in The White House and The Vatican. The paintings feature some of the dancers from Vive the Night, a show that attracted 13,000 guests in its first season in 1975 and led to increased investment in extravagant cabarets and productions.

Legend has it that artist Billich and tower architect Kevin Curtain had a disagreement and that Billich created the outward facing derriere on the right-hand wall as a representation of his disdain for Curtain.
In time, the Billich frescos were perceived as dated, so one of the refurbishments of the Birdcage called for them to be painted over. With amazing foresight, false walls were built over the murals and future redecorations were applied to them. It was during a discussion in 2009 that the existence of the frescos was revealed. The false walls were removed and the murals exposed. Billich returned to Wrest Point to restore his work.

Further information is available in Graeme Tonks’ book, Wrest Point, available in the Point Collectables gift shop.

Opening times

Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm until late.

18+ venue.  Enjoy Responsibly.

Live entertainment

Thursday 9pm – 12am

Friday – Saturday 9pm – 1am

Sunday 6pm – 9pm

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